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 June 10 2017, 05:08:20
 overrated cafe along Leviste st Salcedo Villa 
The most overrated cafe along Leviste
I consider myself a regular at this place since I live close by at HV Delacosta. Today we have the worst experience. I have asked for vinegar to go with my order the, breakfast pork belly with the red rice, I was aghast when I was told that I have to pay 30 pesos for the vinegar. I complain to the manager but to no avail, she insisted that that is the rule. I have never heard of any restaurant that charges for condiments. This si ridiculous and unheard of. I will make this review viral. I will never go back to this place since there are many restaurants along Leviste.

Grace E.

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 May 14 2017, 11:42:04
worst restaurant experience ever! If there is a negative, I would even give them a negative for not accommodating our booking! It was not only that, the Cantonese manager was very rude, obnoxious and haughty when we were explained our side and just shooed us away and called us crazy! May the boss read this and fire that rude Cantonese male manager!
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 February 09 2017, 08:25:22
 If you want to eat Korean casually, then I recommend! 
You can eat casual Korean even at midnight.
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@ Yabu in  Muntinlupa
 January 25 2017, 05:22:08
 Good value for money!  
The place makes sure that you won't leave the place without a full stomach. Although the price is not so affordable, Katsu serving is big, and they also serve unlimited rice, cabbage, soup, and fruits. The staff are also very nice, making sure we've got everything we need, and that we're satisfied with what we're eating.
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