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American Restaurants   Teacher's Village, Quezon City
 November 06 2015, 02:36:39
Surprisingly GOOD!
Food  5
Ambiance  3
Service  3
Price  5
I was a bit adventurous one night and decided to try out this place near Maginhawa. It's in the same building as J.Cool and Iscecreamist (they already transferred).

I was a bit reluctant to come in at first since there were no customers even though it was 7 in the evening. I felt ashamed to leave after entering the place so I just decided to order the cheapest one on their menu which is the Adobo Rice Bowl.

To my surprise, the food looked and tasted good! I will definitely be back to try their other dishes. I hope more people try out this place so they don't run out of business. :( They really have budget-friendly meals so it's definitely worth the try.
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