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Yvan Navy
Burger Restaurants   Quiapo, Manila

  Restaurant Menu

Quarter Pounder ₱50
Nachos ₱60
Nachos w/ Beef ₱80
Tacos ₱50
Cheese Quesadillas ₱70
Beef Quesadilla ₱90
Fries (Crinkle-Cut) ₱50
Toasted Tortillas w/ (Garlic & Cheese Sauce) ₱60
Toasted Tortilla w/ Chili con Carne ₱80
Add On Cheese ₱20
Add on Jalapeno ₱20
Chili con Carne ₱20
Hungarian Rice ₱70
Hungarian Pita ₱70
Hungarian Sausage ₱60
Double Quarter Pounder ₱100
Triple Quarter Pounder ₱150
Half Pounder ₱100
Double Hald Pounder ₱200
Triple Half Pounder ₱300
1 Pounder ₱200
Burger Steak Rice ₱60
Salisbury Burgersteak ₱70
Kebab Pita ₱60
Kebab Rice ₱60
Salisbury Kebab ₱70
Combo Meal ₱50
Iced Tea ₱20
In Can ₱35
Mismo ₱15
Mango Juice ₱45
Pineapple Juice (Can) ₱35
Kasalo ₱30
Minute Maid ₱15
Bottled Water ₱20
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