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Chakra Café
Cafe Restaurants   Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
     You can enjoy food while taking care of your health and body, this is what Chakra Cafe specializes in. Find their restaurant at 6th Floor, 20th Drive Corporate Center, 20th Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Head over to this cafe with your friends or loved ones and order delicious meals while waiting for your turn at their spa and other therapy sessions.

  Restaurant Menu

Pumpkin Soup ₱160
Tex Mex Quesadilla with Organic Chicken ₱245
Garlic Tomato Basil Pasta ₱185
Healthy Mac n' Cheese ₱185
Truffle Pasta ₱250
Aglio e Olio Spaghetti ₱175
Mushroom Lasagna ₱250
Organic Miso Roasted Veggie Quinoa ₱250
Spicy Kimchi Rice Bowl with Tofu Sticks ₱200
Malaysian Nasi Lemak with Tofu ₱185
Malaysian Nasi Lemak with Organic Chicken ₱235
Seafood Monggo with Rice ₱185
Nacho Grilled Cheese Panini ₱175
Tex Mex Quesadilla ₱195
Miso Soup ₱80
Truffled Mushroom Soup ₱160
Vegan Tomato Soup ₱160
Greek Salad with Lemon Dressing ₱165
Organic Chicken Caesar Salad ₱185
Chunky Tomato Salsa Salad with Feta ₱165
Curried Chicken Salad with Apples and Raisins ₱195
Shroom Burger Panini ₱245
Summer Hummus Wrap ₱175
Summer Hummus Wrap with Organic Chicken ₱225
Organic Tandoori Chicken ₱250
Seafood Monngo with Organic Quinoa ₱235
Ceylon Black (Small) ₱90
Okinawa (Medium) ₱105
Okinawa (Large) ₱110
Taro (Small) ₱95
Taro (Medium) ₱105
Taro (Large) ₱110
Malty Chocolate (Small) ₱95
Malty Chocolate (Medium) ₱105
Malty Chocolate (Large) ₱110
Dark Chocolate (Small) ₱95
Dark Chocolate (Medium) ₱105
Okinawa (Small) ₱95
Hazelnut (Large) ₱110
Ceylon Black (Medium) ₱100
Ceylon Black (Large) ₱110
Earl Grey (Small) ₱90
Earl Grey (Medium) ₱100
Earl Grey (Large) ₱110
Vanilla (Small) ₱95
Vanilla (Medium) ₱105
Vanilla (Large) ₱110
Hazelnut (Small) ₱95
Hazelnut (Medium) ₱105
Dark Chocolate (Large) ₱110
Strawberry (Small) ₱95
Strawberry (Medium) ₱105
Lychee (Large) ₱100
Green Apple (Medium) ₱100
Green Apple (Large) ₱120
Grapefruit Yakult Tea (Medium) ₱100
Grapefruit Yakult Tea (Large) ₱120
Passionfruit Yakult Tea (Medium) ₱100
Passionfruit Yakult Tea (Large) ₱120
Honey Aloe (Medium) ₱110
Honey Aloe (Large) ₱130
Passionfruit Aloe (Medium) ₱110
Lychee (Medium) ₱90
Raspberry (Large) ₱100
Strawberry (Large) ₱110
Passionfruit (Medium) ₱90
Passionfruit (Large) ₱100
Peach (Medium) ₱90
Peach (Large) ₱100
Grapefruit (Medium) ₱90
Grapefruit (Large) ₱100
Wintermelon (Medium) ₱90
Wintermelon (Large) ₱100
Raspberry (Medium) ₱90
Passionfruit Aloe (Large) ₱130
Jasmine Green (Large) ₱110
Espresso (Solo) ₱75
Nutty Caramel Latte (Medium) ₱140
Vanilla Chai Latte (Small) ₱110
Vanilla Chai Latte (Medium) ₱120
Mint White Chocolate Latte (Small) ₱125
Mint White Chocolate Latte (Medium) ₱140
Caffe Mocha (Small) ₱110
Caffe Mocha (Medium) ₱125
White Chocolate Mocha (Small) ₱125
White Chocolate Mocha (Medium) ₱140
Salted Caramel Mocha (Small) ₱125
Nutty Caramel Latte (Small) ₱125
Caffe Latte (Medium) ₱115
Espresso (Doppio) ₱95
Espresso Macchiato (Solo) ₱80
Espresso Macchiato (Doppio) ₱100
Espresso con Panna (Solo) ₱80
Espresso con Panna (Doppio) ₱100
Caffe Americano (Small) ₱90
Caffe Americano (Medium) ₱105
Cappuccino (Small) ₱100
Cappuccino (Medium) ₱115
Caffe Latte (Small) ₱100
Salted Caramel Mocha (Medium) ₱140
Caramel Macchiato (Small) ₱125
Caramel Macchiato (Medium) ₱140
Singapore Sling Iced Tea (Medium) ₱110
Singapore Sling Iced Tea (Large) ₱120
Matcha Green Tea Freeze (Medium) ₱120
Matcha Green Tea Freeze (Large) ₱140
Coconut Water ₱55
Lemon Mint Cooler ₱120
Nutella Banana Shake ₱150
Watermelon Crush ₱130
Chakra Cafe Love Water ₱40
Jasmine Green (Small) ₱90
Naturalis Freshly Brewed Teas (Medium) ₱105
Naturalis Freshly Brewed Teas (Small) ₱85
Hot Chocolate (Small) ₱120
Hot Chocolate (Medium) ₱130
White Hot Chocolate (Small) ₱120
White Hot Chocolate (Medium) ₱130
Iced Coffee (Small) ₱100
Iced Coffee (Medium) ₱110
Chocolate Chip Frappe (Small) ₱140
Chocolate Chip Frappe (Medium) ₱155
Mint Chocolate Chip Frappe (Small) ₱150
Mint Chocolate Chip Frappe (Medium) ₱165
Jasmine Green (Medium) ₱100
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