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Tuan Tuan
Chinese Restaurants   Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong

  Restaurant Menu

Deep Fried Spring Rolls ₱98
Tom Yung Goong, Fish Fillet, Squidball, Korean Sweet Potato Noodles, Pan Fried Boneless Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce ₱548
Chicken Fillet Curry ₱368
US Premium Beef Rib Curry ₱498
US Premium Beef Rib and Tendon Curry ₱488
Vegetable and Tofu Curry ₱368
Ox Tongue Curry ₱498
Prawn Curry ₱548
Pan Fried Halibut Belly with Soy Sauce ₱388
Steamed Halibut Belly with Light Soy Sauce ₱388
Steamed Halibut Belly with Chili and Garlic ₱468
Chaou Chou Style Fish and Minced Pork, Sliced Fatty Beef, Beancurd, Rice Vermicelli, House Special Wings with Ginger ₱518
Watercress and Almond Fish Soup, Mini Xiao Long Bao Dumplings, Mushroom Ball, Shanghai Thin Noodles, Pan Fried Boneless Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce ₱548
Pan-Fried Boneless Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce ₱128
Pan-Fried Pork Chop with Sauteed Onions in Maggi Sauce ₱128
Breaded Pork Chop ₱148
Grilled Ox Tongue ₱188
Honey Garlic Chicken Wings ₱248
Honey Garlic Spareribs ₱298
House Special Wings with Ginger ₱248
Grilled Ox Tongue - Ala Carte ₱488
Laksa, Sliced Cuttlefish, Fish Ball, Hofun, Deep Fried Fish Fillet ₱518
Tomato and Pumpkin Soup, Sliced Beef Brisket, Taiwan Pechay, Rice Vermicelli, House Special Desert Wings with Ginger ₱518
Steamed Halibut Belly with Preserved Cabbage and Black Bean Sauce ₱488
Pork Meatball Congee ₱148
U.S. Angus Steak with Black Pepper Sauce and Mushroom on Rice ₱388
Macau Style Cajun Chicken Fillet on Rice ₱328
Pork Chop with Creamy Onion and Bacon Sauce ₱328
Baked Almond Fish Fillet on Rice with Pesto Sauce ₱368
House Special Trio ₱398
Baked Seafood on Rice with Bearnaise Sauce ₱388
Baked Pork Chop on Rice with Honey Tomato Bacon Sauce ₱388
Special French Toast with Butter and Peanut Butter ₱168
Merry Moo Ice Cream ₱128
Warm Banana Bread Pudding with Kahlua Creme Anglaise ₱188
Fish Fillet with Pumpkin and Crabstick in Creamy Sauce on Rice ₱288
Chao Chou Style Rice Porridge with Oyster ₱168
Pork Liver and Kidney Congee ₱168
Sliced Fish Congee ₱148
Sliced Fish and Pork Liver Congee ₱168
Pork Meatball and Liver Congee ₱168
Chicken and Mushroom Congee ₱168
Pork and Century Egg Congee ₱168
Oyster Congee with Century Egg ₱168
Sliced Beef Congee ₱188
Halibut Belly Congee ₱258
Fish Fillet and Century Egg with Rice in Soup ₱148
Fried Black and White Milk Bread ₱168
Crispy Barbecued Pork Snow Buns 3 pcs. ₱128
Sliced Beef ₱88
Sliced Fatty Beef ₱88
Beef Tendon ₱88
Beef Tripe ₱88
Luncheon Meat ₱88
Pork Char Siu ₱88
Pork Stomach ₱88
Sliced Pork ₱88
Specialty Pork Sausage ₱88
Mini Xiao Long Bao Dumplings ₱88
Sliced Beef Brisket ₱88
Dan Dan Peanut Chili Soup ₱428
Crispy Pineapple Snow Buns 3 pcs. ₱128
Original Fish Soup ₱388
Szechuan Spicy Soup ₱388
Parsley and Century Egg Fish Soup ₱388
Chaochou Style Dried Fish and Minced Pork Soup ₱428
Malay Laksa Soup ₱428
Watercress and Almond Fish Soup ₱428
Gingko and Pepper Fish Soup ₱428
Tomato and Pumpkin Fish Soup ₱428
Thai Tom Yum Goong Soup ₱428
Prawns ₱88
Crab Stick ₱88
Sliced Cuttlefish ₱88
Bean Curd - Tao Pao ₱88
Sliced Pumpkin ₱88
Bok Choy ₱88
Sliced Tomato ₱88
Watercress ₱88
Spinach ₱88
Taiwan Pechay ₱88
Chinese Kale ₱88
House Special Wings ₱98
Squid Balls ₱88
Fish Balls ₱88
Sliced Fish Fillet ₱88
Fish Tofu ₱88
Deep Fried Fish Cake ₱88
Crispy Fish Skin ₱88
Enoki Mushroom ₱88
Shimeji White Mushroom ₱88
Fresh Button Mushroom ₱88
Century Egg ₱88
Pork Balls ₱88
Mushroom Balls ₱88
Deep Fried Fish Fillet ₱98
Soda ₱58
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea ₱128
Mixed Fruit Iced Tea ₱128
Thai Iced Tea ₱128
Iced Lemonade ₱128
Hot Chocolate Drink ₱98
Horlicks Milk ₱88
Soya Milk ₱88
Cantonese Lemon Tea Cold ₱108
Cantonese Lemon Tea Hot ₱98
Yin Yang - Coffee and Tea Cold ₱108
Yin Yang - Coffee and Tea Hot ₱98
Nai Cha - Cantonese Milk Tea Cold ₱108
Nai Cha - Cantonese Milk Tea Hot ₱98
Hong Kong Style Coffee Cold ₱108
Hong Kong Style Coffee Hot ₱98
Bottled Water ₱58
Beer ₱68
Dalandan Juice ₱108
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