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Tuan Tuan
Chinese Restaurants   Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong
 January 16 2016, 07:54:54
I wish they had sets!
Food  4
Ambiance  2
Service  5
Price  4
I went because i wanted to try their popular snow pork buns and i wanted to have dinner.
It was the evening of a long workday

The porkbuns took 40mins, seems like they only make limited buns per hour or so but was worth waiting.

I tried their lemonade which was quite bitter...which i liked

They had no set meals and had lots of options to choose from, so being tired after a long day, browsing tons of alacarte items became mundane.

Their crew was very accomodating (and looked cheerful) and always reminded us of tiny details like time remaining for the much awaited meat buns.

The place (or should i say the customers) were very noisy

I'd gladly wait for those meatbuns again.
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