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Xin Tian Di - Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria
Chinese Restaurants   Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong
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4/F Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Ortigas Ave. cor. ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Quezon City



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Day Opening Time Closing Time
Mon-Sun 11:00 AM 02:30 PM
06:00 PM 10:00 PM
 January 07 2016, 11:07:56
New Heaven and Earth
Food  4
Ambiance  5
Service  5
Price  4

It’s usually difficult finding a place that’s open on Christmas morning. I admire and respect the people who sign up for work on Christmas Day. It’s people like them who we have to thank for sacrificing their time with the family just so other families can enjoy their holiday.

This year, my family decided to hold our Christmas lunch at Crowne Plaza (Ortigas). On the 3rd floor of the hotel, there’s a Chinese restaurant called Xin Tian Di (新天地) which means “New Heaven and Earth”. It’s probably named after the shopping and dining district in Shanghai known for its restored mid-19th architecture called shikumen, a blend between Chinese and Europen architecture unique to Shanghai.

My mom did all the ordering, and we were pretty happy with all the food that came out. The #1 dish that stood out for me was the Beef and Broccoli with Foie Gras. For people like my mom who don’t eat beef, this dish is a tricky one. It’s hard distinguishing the beef from the goose liver. However, for people like me, I simply love it! It’s a surprise with every bite. You don’t know if you’re going to get the foie gras or the really tender morsel of beef. (zomg it was super soft! A perfect 5/7!)

The 1st runner up is the Fried Vegetable Roll but not because of the roll. I liked the dish for the Fried Golden Mushrooms. Genius! It seemed like a healthier, better-tasting alternative to fries.

…and, of course, how could we NOT order Coffee Chicken? I just looove the bittersweet bite of the coffee sauce slathered over the fried chicken.

Okay, you’re probably thinking Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pork seems like a staple in every Chinese resto. This one was different. I’m pointing it out because I think they prepared it perfectly. The pork was crispy all around, and the sauce had an equal balance between sweet and sour with a citrus kick. The dish was well-executed and passed my quality standard.

We also got the Peking Duck Wrap with Mango, and I liked how there’s a slice of mango. It’s a good touch adding some fruit to a savory dish.

Finally, we had the Sizzling Fish Fillet which I didn’t particularly enjoy but was forced to finish because I was the youngest. Don’t get me wrong; the white fish was tender and tasty, but the dish wasn’t exceptional. I took the last piece anyway after much goading…and bribery. (It had to come to that. Lol.)

Overall, a good dining experience. Exceptional service! I like how the staff is always on their toes and have the initiative to be one step ahead of the customers’ needs.

Just a tip in ordering…Typical to a fine dining Chinese resto, Xin Tian Di has large servings. Everything we ordered was “medium”, and it was easily good for 10 persons. It’s always better to come with a large-sized group. Friends and family who eat together stay together.
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