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Le Petit Souffle
French Restaurants   Kalayaan Ave., Makati
     Le Petit Souffle, a French-Japanese dessert haven by Chef Miko Aspiras might be your next go-to place every time you’ll crave for something sugary and savory.
 November 01 2015, 05:17:46
French? Japanese? Creative cuisine
Food  4
Ambiance  4
Service  3
Price  4
Le Petit Souffle is a new restaurant opened in Century City Mall. I ordered French toast and Japanese Curry Squash Soup. Soup came at first and I enjoyed it. Well, it's curry taste and it contained squash. It was nice. For french toast, it took around 20min to come. French toast was like this picture and it was more delicious than I expected. Next time, I would like to try souffle, which takes 25min to make.
 November 23 2015, 01:44:52
Unique but Fun Fushion of French and Japanese
Food  4
Ambiance  5
Service  4
Price  4
Had Sunday lunch here to meet-up with some new blogger friends. The Chef-owner was nice enough to let me reserve a table even if they don't really take reservations during weekends.

It's not everyday you can eat in a garden set-up in a mall. The rolling pins hanging from the ceiling together with plants was a nice touch. I can only imagine how cozy the ambiance is at night for more intimate dates. The staff were able to attend to our every need and was active in waiting for us.

We ordered a bunch of their specialties; squid-ink rice(395php), japanese beef curry souffle(525php), and pork bourguignon(425).

Most of my friends loved the souffle. The curry baked into a cheese souffle was delicious; soft and creamy, and filling. I personally liked the pork dish. Stewed in red wine, the meat was really tender. The squid ink was also tasty, but the viand in the dish was too little, only a couple of bites.

Overall, I would definitely go back again (to try the other specialties like matcha souffle) and I would recommend the place for a fun lunch with family or with friends.
 November 22 2015, 11:55:32
Interesting Cuisine (Fushion of French and Japanese)
Food  4
Ambiance  4
Service  4
Price  3
Le Petit Souffle has good ambience and their foods are also very unique as as fusion of Japanese and French. My favorite is Curry covered by egg here and It is authentic Japanese curry taste. Just be careful of their cooking time, it usually take about 20 to 25min.
 December 17 2015, 02:03:08
French Japanese Fusion Cafe
Food  5
Ambiance  5
Service  5
Price  4
Owned by Chef Miko Aspiras of Scout's Honor and previously of Magnum Cafe, Le Petit Soufflé promised comfort food from a fusion of classic French dishes with Japanese twist. As the name suggests, you bet that they also swear to provide awesome desserts that plays around soufflé and Matcha! The menu wasn't extensive but was enough but the line-up of dessert was nothing but great!

We gave the following a try ---

Pork Bourguignon for 425Php

This dish had a bed of garlic Japanese rice basking in a rich and flavorful red-wine sauce. It's topped with chunks of tender pork leg braised in red-wine, carrots, onions, an assortment of mushrooms and bacon. To make it really appealing, a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg took the center stage. Each spoonful was a delight! I loved how they fused French with Asian cooking. Serving a classic French dish, Bourguignon, as a rice topping totally represented each cuisine.

Squid-Ink Rice for 395Php

This dish was more like a paella topped with an assortment of seafood, Shimeji mushrooms, soft scrambled egg and a slice of fresh lemon. It had mussels, squid, octopus, fish roe and a big piece of shrimp.

Japanese Beef Curry Soufflé for 525Php

The BEST dish we've had that day. Classic Japanese curry rice made extra special by the savory cheese soufflé it was topped with. The curry rice had all the good things that a Japanese curry promises together with generous serving of fine strips of US beef short plate. The curry went well with the cheese soufflé creating a more subtle and savory blend and each spoonful was screaming with flavors! I don't like dishes with curry that much but this one was something else.

***Also tried some desserts - check out the blog for further details : http://foodfanatic.benteuno.com/2015/11/le-petit-souffle-french-and-japanese.html

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