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Cafe Ysabel
Italian Restaurants   San Juan, San Juan
     The delicious food of CafĂ© Ysabel is prepared by chefs of two generation: Gene Gonzales and his son Gino. They trained and acquired experiences abroad. Their technique adds a modern twist in the traditional style of French, Italian and Spanish cuisines.
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455 P. Guevarra St., Addition Hills, San Juan, Metro Manila



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Mon-Sun 07:30 AM 11:30 PM
 February 29 2016, 06:30:50
Beautiful place, but the food's not that good.
Food  3
Ambiance  5
Service  4
Price  1
I expected the place to be classy and it did not disappoint. It's rustic, romantic, and simply beautiful.

I appreciate the time and effort put into the dishes that were served, I really do. A lot of them were stunning and photogenic, especially the Juan's Sole Roulade! That is also easily my favorite among all the dishes as the pasta alone was already a winner. It went well with the yummy vegetable bread. I also enjoyed the Jake and Christine's Crisp Smoked Fish Wantons, particularly because of the salsa verde. Citrusy and fresh, perfect for the salty wantons. Bobby Chinn's pizza was good as well, especially because of the generous heap of arugula!

The Cafe Ysabel Burger was so-so tasting, and frankly, I was shocked to know how expensive it is! It's supposed to have foie gras, but I don't know where that went. My guess is it's simply added as a spread on the patty? Not sure, but I would definitely not pay for something okay tasting at a costly P800-900! :(

I was also saddened by the Capampangan caldereta. I was expecting it to be really good because Pampanga is known for the culinary talent of its locals. Not sure if there's an authentic way of cooking caldereta, but this one really didn't suit my tastebuds. I would like my caldereta to be cheesy and spicy, and the beef to be flavorful.

For desserts, we had the Peter Pan Pie and Junjun Chocolate Souffle. Both were good, but not really rave-worthy.

Overall, I think Cafe Ysabel is worth one visit, just so you could experience its beauty. Nevertheless, many thanks still to Chef Gene and the attentive staff.
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