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Ramen Yushoken
Ramen Restaurants   Alabang, Muntinlupa
 July 22 2015, 08:03:00
#2 Ramen for me!!
Food  5
Ambiance  3
Service  4
Price  3
Nagi is #1 for me, but Yushoken is a close 2nd.

Shio – 4.5/5
Miso [No photo]– 4.5/5
Gyoza -4.5/5
Tantanmen -5/5
Shoyu – 5/5

Yushoken is the place to go to for good Shoyu in Manila! [Though it is in Alabang. :P]

The place is really straight forward, nothing fancy no gimmicks it’s just all about the food.

Service is quick and the servers know their product.

Price is maybe around the typical price for a good bowl of ramen, but the serving is a bit small [or maybe it was just too good? LOL]

Would recommend, especially for Tantanmen and Shoyu ramen lovers!
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