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Huat Pot
Taiwanese Restaurants   San Juan, San Juan
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2/F Metro Pointe Center, P. Guevarra Ave. cor. Wilson St., Addition Hills, San Juan, Metro Manila



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Mon-Sun 11:00 AM 11:00 PM
 December 05 2015, 08:15:22
Food  5
Ambiance  4
Service  5
Price  5

One thing I like about Huat Pot is the unique hot pot ingredients in their variety. They have an array of vegetables, meat, dumplings and balls, some of them were imported from Taiwan or were sourced exclusively. The rates are pretty reasonable (~PHP688) and you get unlimited beer on tap!

My favorites were the Cheese Ball, a bola-bola filled with oozing cheese, and the Taiwanese Pork Dumpling, which is narrow and rolled unlike the dumpling we commonly see. The pork inside was really tasty.

I also like how they take great effort in putting character in the broths. A flavorful soup is key in a shabu-shabu. I particularly liked boiling my lamb in the Laksa Soup. It had the right about of spice and savor that just seeped into the meat.

While waiting for the food to boil, you can also try out their cooked dishes based on authentic Taiwanese, home-cooked recipes that Chef Jonas Ng’s mother holds secret. I really enjoyed the 5 Treasure Soup for the rich pork essence and the thick consistency of the soup. Yum! The 3-Cup Chicken is also recommended. The flavor really stuck to the chicken.
 January 17 2016, 06:47:58
Balls galore :p
Food  4
Ambiance  5
Service  5
Price  3
I've heard/read mixed reviews/opinions about Huat Pot, especially regarding their "limited' selection of hot pot items and desserts. Yes, their selection isn't as wide compared to actual buffet restaurants, but I still think it's diverse. The experience of getting my own balls (lol) and meat was enjoyable, and my favorite ones would be the cheese balls, fresh shrimp, and shrimp/pork dumplings!

For the soup/broth, I was able to taste 3 kinds: satay, laksa, and the Huat Pot special. Frankly speaking, the last one wasn't special at all because of its blandness. The other two, on the other hand, tasted much better, especially the laksa. However, my favorite laksa soup would still be the one from Mogu Tree Noodle House along Lilac Street.

Huat Pot's dessert selection includes MAGNUM bars and other Selecta ice cream sticks. During our visit, the available Magnum flavor was the original one, but the owner said they sometimes have other flavors (my fave is the almond, so I hope they could have that next time). Diners can also create their own halo-halo and taho. There is also a selection of chilled fruits and other sweet treats. Moreover, I would definitely go back for their green tea latte alone!!! Yum! :)
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