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Super Duck Modern Tea Shop
Tea Restaurants   South Triangle, Quezon City
 December 27 2015, 10:40:31
Food  5
Ambiance  4
Service  5
Price  5
Food blogging has brought us to come across Super Duck Modern Tea 超級達可時尚茶飲. This tea shop is famous from where it came from (Lukang, Taiwan) and has expanded here in Manila. Known as the Lukang King in Lukang, Taiwan, which sells about 4000 cups in a day, Super Duck has made its way to expand in the Philippines and is also available for franchise.

Super Duck caters to everyone. From kids to adults, they have a wide variety of drinks and snacks to choose from. Compared to other shops who use syrup, they are the only tea shop who use cane sugar for their drinks. (Corn syrup has high glycemic index and tends to be carcinogenic if taken daily. Cane sugar can be taken everyday and has less glycemic index). Sugar levels are offered from 25% to 150%. They also have options which are safe for pregnant women.

Their drinks can be served hot or cold. Traditional tea is best served while it is hot, but due to our country's climate, most Filipinos prefer to take cold tea. They serve 100% natural and authentic Taiwanese Tea. We were given the chance to try their plain warm tea and my favorite was the Jasmine Green Tea. If you are looking for a strong taste, the oolong tea is recommended.

They serve tea bags. Upon opening the containers, I have already been in awe of the fresh fragrance from their tea bags. I am also amazed by the leaves and petals in it! Not to mention that they are the only tea shop that I am aware of, which serves Sakura, English Black, Lavender, Golden Oolong, Mint Osmanthus, and Rose Flower tea bags. (Rose flower is my favorite). The fresh leaves are wrapped in a secure cloth which is more durable than the common tea bag that wears easily. To maintain the quality of the teas that they serve, the tea bags are restocked every day and unconsumed ones are discarded at the end of the day.

They use fresh fruits in their drinks. Aside from tea, the shop also serves a variety of fruit drinks: Perfect Juices, Fruit Tea (fruit + tea), Smoothies, and Fruity Milk Tea. Definitely healthy because they do not use fruit concentrates or syrup for their drinks.

They serve their drinks in 750 mL cups. With prices not far from other tea shops, they serve the largest amount of drinks (750cc). Their cups are also reusable and microwaveable.

You can customize your own drink. Choose whether you want it hot or cold, then simply choose your tea base, sinkers and sweetness level. With many options to choose from, you can come up with more than a hundred recipes! The staff can also help you out. Just let them know what kind of drink you want. My personal fave from the combinations: oolong milk tea with pudding.

Unique Blends. Yes, this tea shop also serves alcoholic drinks. The blends are surprisingly great!

Let's move on with their meals and quackers: Everything is vegan! :)

Full review on my blog.

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