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What is Foozap Point Program ?

Your experience helps foodies to find the best restaurants.
Foozap gives points and badges to you for your yummy experience as a contribution to your growth as a foodie-enthusiast.

Let's get points and collect badges while sharing your experience!

It's simple. Post a review and get points!

Making a review on every restaurant you visit will give you points.

No matter how simple your review is, you'll still get points!
We just love giving points!
Criteria to Achieve Reward Points
Only Text Rating 10 Points
Rating and Photo 20 Points
Rating, Review and Photo 30 Points
100% Complete Review 50 Points

Make foodie friends, get Foozap points as well!

Interacting with other foodies can also give you points.
Let's get some points together!
Criteria to Achieve Reward Points
Login to Foozap everyday 1 Point
Like one review 1 Point
Wish a restaurant 1 Point
Follow other users 1 Point
Comment on reviews 1 Point

Complete mission, get a badge and bonus poins.

Foozap gives you some missions to complete.
Mission complete gives you a badge and bonus points.

Let's try Foozap mission and get a bonus points with collecting a badge!
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