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 July 25 2015, 03:06:47
Food  4
Ambiance  3
Service  3
Price  4
 April 09 2015, 02:47:05
If your craving to make your own pizza! :)
Food  3
Ambiance  4
Service  3
Price  3
Project Pie is a must try specially to those who love pizza. They offer a wide variety of toppings you can use to personalize your pizza plus they also offer dessert pizza and salads and a number of beverages to chose from. The restaurant is an obvious self-service, which is great for me since I like doing things on my own :D I also enjoyed the unique ambiance Project Pie has with all the cool lighting and decors. The service is also good as they have accommodating staffs and the food is served within 5-10 minutes. Overall I think the place is really nice and I would definitely come back.
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