Roxanne Went List | Foozap


 December 07 2015, 09:51:58
Food  4
Ambiance  4
Service  5
Price  4
The chicken is very delicious,It has a juicy taste.It is very soft that melts in your tounge.I also love the ambiance of this restaurant because it gives me a comfortable feeling while i'm eating.The service is kinda slow but overall it is good.
 December 04 2015, 08:44:00
Food  4
Ambiance  4
Service  3
Price  5
For people who really loves milkteas & Snack,You must try the new opened branch here in congressional.The staff is very well trained & nice. The food is very affordable range of 300-400 good for 2/pax. Frapp is only Php99. I love their sandwiches that cost only Php 120-150 good for dietary people. The area is kinda small but the ambiance is good.
 December 02 2015, 09:41:12
Snack and Ladders
Food  -
Ambiance  -
Service  -
Price  -
For stress people out there,You must try the food in snack & ladders located in Maginhawa st. Quezon City. The food is good. The ambiance is very Good, They have an area on second floor that you can lay down & relax while playing different kinds of board games,Mix & match, etc. They also have private room for videoke who wants to sing. The staff is kind. You can bring your friends here along with you to enjoy your snacks while playing. Must try their Nachos for only 199 good for sharing 2-3/pax. The chicken wings is very spicy but it suits with the sweet and sour dip w/ mustard.
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