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3 things that you need to know about Foozap before starting your culinary adventure!

What does 'Foozap' mean?
Foozap is derived from two words FOOD (English) and USAP (Filipino).

We encourage everyone to share your thoughts with each other:

Share your restaurant experience with other users by writing reviews.

Exchange information by writing your comments.

Follow other users and create your own foodie community.

What does the Foozap logo stand for?
The logo: ‘F’ is connected to ‘P’.

We want to connect food and people:

Search for restaurants all over Metro Manila.

Make a wish list of the restaurants that you want to visit.

Recommend your favorite restaurants to other users.

Discover restaurants by following other Foozap foodies.

What is Foozap's goal?
We aim to provide accurate information.

Everything you need to know in a zap:

Plan your food adventures by checking the restaurants’ information such as opening hours, location, menu and map.

Read reviews to learn more about each establishment

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