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  Foozap Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is written to give you an idea on how we use and collect your data and activities on the site. By using Foozap, you allow us to use and collect your information as described in this policy. The terms “us”, “we” and “Foozap” refer to Primer Media, Inc., the maker of Foozap.

  1. User information and how we use it

    A. Your basic account information

    We may collect and use your full name, email address, gender, birthdate and other information which are provided through your account. The photo(s) that you upload for your account profile as well as your name will be displayed as your public profile.

    B. Content for public consumption

    All of the user’s lists such as the following list, followers list, wish list or went list will be available for anyone who visits the users profile. Other contents shared by the user such as photos, reviews, comments, ratings and other information uploaded via Foozap may be used as our data. Your photos and comments may also be used by Foozap in building restaurant profiles (i.e. we may use your uploaded photos as the default restaurant photo or sample photos).

    C. Other information we collect

    Site activity: We may record how you use Foozap like the restaurants that you search, comments and reviews posted, things added to your lists and the time that these activities are done.

  2. Foozap User Age

    Foozap is for general use and is not directed to be used by children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly allow children under 13 to use Foozap nor collect data about them. If you are under 13 or if you know someone under 13 who is using Foozap, please inform us immediately. If we discover that a user under the age of 13 has provided us with their personal information without their guardian’s consent, Foozap will be making the necessary actions to remove the account.

  3. Cookies

    When you access our site, we send you “cookies” that helps us recognize your browser. We also use these “cookies” to collect data about your activities while using our service. You may turn off your cookies depending on your settings. However, this may limit your access to some of our features.

  4. Third Parties

    By creating an account via Facebook, some of your information is automatically shared with our database to complete your registration. We will also be collecting this data to store information to help us identify your account.

  5. Emails

    We will not send you SPAM or sell your email. On some occasions, you will receive emails from us regarding service updates, other announcements and notifications.

  6. How we protect you

    We will use all our collected information only for our services. We will not sell your information and email address. These information will solely be for our use.

  7. Changes in the Policy

    This policy may be changed from time to time. We encourage our users to regularly check this page to ensure that you are familiar with any changes.

Last updated: April 28, 2015
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