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Red Ribbon Bake Shop
Cake Restaurants   Don Bosco, Paranaque

  Restaurant Menu

Creamy Carbonara (Party) ₱770
Mango Bar ₱165
Ensaimada ₱330
Choco Creme Roll l (Full) ₱297
Choco Creme Roll (Half) ₱187
Mocha Roll l (Full) ₱297
Mocha Roll (Half) ₱187
Custard Roll (Full) ₱341
Custard Roll (Half) ₱209
Ube Macapuno Roll (Full) ₱341
Ube Macapuno Roll (Half) ₱209
Mango Cashew Roll (Full) ₱341
Mango Cashew Roll (Half) ₱209
Brazo de Mercedez (Half) ₱231
Triple Chocolate Roll (Full) ₱352
Triple Chocolate Roll (Half) ₱231
Brownies ₱165
Moist Choco Slice ₱132
Creamy Carbonara (Family) ₱385
Classic Spaghetti (Party) ₱550
Classic Spaghetti (Family) ₱275
Palabok (Party) ₱550
Palabok (Family) ₱275
Meaty Dinuguan ₱99
Creamy Carbonara Regular ₱99
Cheesy Lasagna ₱99
Spaghetti with Chicken Lollipops ₱143
Chicken Lollipops ₱154
Crispy Chicken ₱99
All-Beef Salisbury Steak ₱99
Bangus Ala Pobre ₱99
Pan Grilled Chops ₱99
Taisan Slice ₱132
Choco Caramel Roll (Full) ₱352
Choco Caramel Roll (Half) ₱231
Chocolate Roll (Full) ₱352
Chocolate Mousse (Medium) ₱913
Chocolate Mousse (Regular) ₱594
Chocolate Mousse (Junior) ₱374
Dulce de Leche (Regular) ₱616
Dulce de Leche (Junior) ₱396
S'mores Chocolate Cake ₱616
Rocky Road ₱616
Cookies and Cream with Oreo (Whole) ₱858
Cookies and Cream with Oreo (Regular) ₱616
Cookies and Cream with Oreo (Junior) ₱396
White Forest (Junior) ₱429
Black Forest (Medium) ₱1023
Black Forest (Junior) ₱429
No Sugar Added Mango Passion Cake ₱495
No Sugar Added Belgian Chocolate Bliss ₱517
Chocolate Fudge Cake (Junior) ₱352
Chocolate Fudge Cake (Regular) ₱572
Chocolate Roll (Half) ₱231
Mango Roll (Full) ₱352
Mango Roll (Half) ₱231
Choco Mango Mousse (Whole) ₱700
Choco Mango Mousse (Slice) ₱70
Mocha Cake ₱682
Sansrival (Junior) ₱594
Ube Cake (Regular) ₱572
Ube Cake (Junior) ₱352
Mango Cake (Regular) ₱572
Mango Cake (Junior) ₱352
Coffee Crunch (Regular) ₱594
Coffee Crunch (Junior) ₱374
Choco Mocha Crunch ₱594
Chocolate Cake ₱792
Chocolate Heaven (Junior) ₱429
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