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Mandarin Palace Seafood and Shabu-Shabu Restaurant
Chinese Restaurants   BF Homes, Paranaque

  Restaurant Menu

Sliced Beef with Vegetable ₱150
Stuffed Pig Leg with Ham (Wnole) ₱300
Stuffed Pig Leg with Ham (Half) ₱300
Stuffed Pig Leg with Ham (1/4) ₱150
Soyed Beef Kienchi/Goto (Wnole) ₱300
Soyed Beef Kienchi/Goto (Half) ₱300
Soyed Beef Kienchi/Goto (1/4) ₱150
Lechon Kawali (Wnole) ₱300
Lechon Kawali (Half) ₱300
Lechon Kawali (1/4) ₱150
Halo-Halo - Tito, Dila, Bituka (1/4) ₱150
Halo-Halo - Tito, Dila, Bituka (Half) ₱300
Halo-Halo - Tito, Dila, Bituka (Wnole) ₱300
Shrimp with Vegetable ₱180
Stewed Fish Fillet ₱150
Stewed Chicken Ball and Vegetable ₱150
Pork Adobo with Egg Rice Topping ₱150
Hainan Chicken Rice ₱150
Egg ₱25
Soyed Tofu ₱80
Jellyfish with Century Egg ₱150
Assorted Meat Combination ₱350
Barbecued Pork Asado (Wnole) ₱300
Barbecued Pork Asado (Half) ₱300
Barbecued Pork Asado (1/4) ₱150
Twin Tone Fried Rice ₱300
Assorted Meat Miki Bihon ₱150
Assorted Meat Sate Chami/Lomi ₱200
Seafood Sate Chami/Lomi ₱250
Sotanghon Guisado ₱250
Birthday Misua Guisado ₱250
Pata Bihon Guisado ₱250
Fried Bihon Singapore Style ₱220
Beef/Asado Hofan with Beansprout ₱220
Fukien Style Fried Rice ₱250
Seafood Fried Rice ₱250
Salted Fish Fried Rice ₱250
Plain Rice ₱30
Garlic Fried Rice (Good for 2-3) ₱100
Garlic Fried Rice ₱80
Yang Chow Fried Rice (Good for 2-3) ₱220
Yang Chow Fried Rice ₱150
Pineapple Fried Rice (Good for 2-3) ₱220
Pineapple Fried Rice ₱150
Beef Fried Rice ₱220
Shrimp and Green Peas Fried Rice ₱250
Beef/Pork Hofan with Taosi ₱220
3 Kinds of Mushroom with Broccoli ₱150
Plain ₱30
Bola-Bola (Curry Laksa Noodle/Rice) ₱180
Chicken (Curry Laksa Noodle/Rice) ₱180
Beef (Curry Laksa Noodle/Rice) ₱180
Pork (Curry Laksa Noodle/Rice) ₱180
Seafood (Curry Laksa Noodle/Rice) ₱180
Asado (Snack/Tossed Noodle) ₱150
Asado (Soup/Noodle Soup) ₱120
Fish Ball (Snack/Tossed Noodle) ₱150
Fish Ball (Soup/Noodle Soup) ₱120
Mixed Vegetable (Curry Laksa Noodle/Rice) ₱180
Mandarin Special ₱180
Special Seafood ₱180
Corned Pork Meat with Century Egg ₱100
Asado with Salted Egg ₱100
Pork Ball ₱100
Pork Liver and Kidney ₱100
Beef Congee ₱120
Halo-Halo ₱120
Chicken Mushroom ₱120
Prawn Balls ₱180
Fish Fillet ₱180
Lobster Ball/Squid Ball/Pork Ball (Snack/Tossed Noodle) ₱200
Lobster Ball/Squid Ball/Pork Ball (Soup/Noodle Soup) ₱150
Japan Crab Ball (Snack/Tossed Noodle) ₱200
Shrimp Wanton (Soup/Noodle Soup) ₱120
Mandarin Special Combo (Snack/Tossed Noodle) ₱250
Mandarin Special Combo (Soup/Noodle Soup) ₱200
Spicy Minced Pork with Eggpalnt ₱150
Sliced Beef Ampalaya/Fresh Tomato ₱150
Asado Salted Egg ₱150
Fish Fillet with Tofu ₱150
Braised Beef Brisket/Curry Beef Brisket ₱180
Mixed Meat with Vegetables ₱150
Shrimp Wanton (Snack/Tossed Noodle) ₱150
Beef Wanton (Soup/Noodle Soup) ₱150
Beef Wanton (Snack/Tossed Noodle) ₱200
Japan Crab Ball (Soup/Noodle Soup) ₱150
Japan Five Treasure Ball (Snack/Tossed Noodle) ₱200
Japan Five Treasure Ball (Soup/Noodle Soup) ₱150
Shrimp Dumpling (Snack/Tossed Noodle) ₱200
Shrimp Dumpling (Soup/Noodle Soup) ₱150
Pork Adobo and Spareribs (Snack/Tossed Noodle) ₱200
Pork Adobo and Spareribs (Soup/Noodle Soup) ₱150
Beef Brisket (Snack/Tossed Noodle) ₱200
Beef Brisket (Soup/Noodle Soup) ₱150
Sweet Sour Pork/Fish Fillet ₱150
Hainan Salted Chicken (Half) ₱300
Fried Squid with Thai Sauce ₱300
Sauteed Scallop with Szechuan Sauce ₱350
Sauteed Scallop with Broccoli ₱350
Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet Sour/ Sweet Corn/ Orange/ Lemon ₱300
Sauteed Fish Fillet with Broccoli ₱300
Deep Fried Seafood Roll ₱250
Lumpia Shanghai with Pork ₱250
Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple ₱250
Salt and Pepper Spareribs ₱300
Fried Squid with Sambal Belachan ₱300
Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper ₱300
Deep Fried Oyster in X.O. Sauce ₱300
Hainan Salted Chicken (1/4) ₱150
Crispy Fried Chicken (Whole) ₱500
Crispy Fried Chicken (Half) ₱250
Crispy Fried Chicken (1/4) ₱150
Braised Seafood with Curry ₱400
Braised Fish Fillet with Beancurd ₱300
Braised Fish Head with Ginger and Scallion ₱300
Oyster with Twin Pepper and Tausi ₱280
Pan Fried Oyster Cake ₱250
Kingto Spareribs ₱300
Pork Adobo with Egg ₱300
Minced Pork with Lettuce ₱300
Sliced Pork Mustasa with Salted Egg ₱250
Hot and Sour ₱250
Minced Beef with Egg White ₱250
Seafood with Beancurd ₱250
Seafood with Spinach ₱250
Sweet Corn with Minced Chicken ₱250
Sweetcorn with Crabmeat ₱300
Bird's Nest with Quail Egg ₱250
Bird's Nest with Crabmeat ₱300
Assorted Meat ₱250
Chicken with Asparagus ₱250
Beef Steak ₱350
Crispy Pata ₱450
Pata Tim with Cuapao ₱500
Braised Beef Brisket with Curry ₱350
Braised Beef Brisket with Radish ₱350
Sliced Beef with Tomato Scrambled Egg ₱280
Sliced Beef and Ampalaya in Taosi ₱280
Sliced Beef with Sate Sauce ₱300
Sliced Beef with Broccoli ₱300
Deep Fried Beef Steak with Garlic ₱350
Fish Lips with Mixed Meat ₱300
Hainan Salted Chicken (Whole) ₱600
Soy Noodles with Beansprout ₱220
Chopsuey with Beancurd ₱280
Vegetables ₱180
Lohanchay ₱250
Minced Pork with Eggplant ₱250
Baked Minced Pork with Baguio Beans in X.O. Sauce ₱250
Sambal Belachan with Kangkong ₱200
Bacon and Garlic with Cabbage ₱200
Ampalaya-Tomato with Scrambled Egg ₱200
Twin Egg Minced Meat with Vegetables ₱250
Minced Pork Salted Fish Tofu ₱300
Braised Lechon Macau Tofu ₱300
Mapo Tofu ₱250
Fried Noodles Shredded Pork ₱220
Fried Noodles Assorted Meat ₱220
Fried Noodles Lohanchay ₱220
Assorted Meat Pancit Canton ₱200
Seafood Pancit Canton ₱250
Birthday Pancit Canton ₱250
Salt and Pepper Bean Curd ₱200
Crispy Fried Bean Curd ₱150
Fried Mashed Shrimp Bean Curd ₱250
Crab Meat with Straw and Button Mushroom ₱300
3 Kinds Mushroom with Broccoli ₱350
Shrimps with Cashew Nuts and Peas ₱350
Braised Chicken with Curry ₱300
Braised Chicken with 3 Cup Sauce ₱300
Fried Boneless Chicken ₱300
Sliced Chicken with Broccoli ₱300
Fried Chicken Mixed Vegetable (Whole) ₱600
Fried Chicken Mixed Vegetable (Half) ₱300
Buttered Chicken (Whole) ₱600
Buttered Chicken (Half) ₱300
Salt and Pepper Fried Chicken (Whole) ₱600
Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts ₱300
Deep Fried Frog Leg ₱350
Frog Leg ₱350
Sauteed Scrambled Egg with Shrimps ₱350
Sauteed Shrimps with Broccoli ₱850
Fried Shrimp Bells ₱400
Sauteed Shrimp with Sambal Belachan ₱400
Sauteed Shrimp with Hot Chili ₱400
Grilled Prawn ₱400
Prawn Hot Salad ₱400
Prawn Cold Salad ₱500
Salt and Pepper Frog Leg ₱350
Salt and Pepper Fried Chicken (Half) ₱300
Coffee ₱45
Lipton Tea ₱45
Green tea ₱45
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