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 November 11 2015, 10:35:22
Food  5
Ambiance  4
Service  5
Price  5
Yes, "Ay okay.. Wow!" was definitely our expression when we saw Silantro's food.
We were looking for a place to eat when we decided to check it out. And the first thing that caught our attention was their Nachos.
It was still their soft opening when we ate there, so they only had two main courses available. We decided to order their appetizers: Beef Nachos (180php) and Beef Quesadillas (160php), and Luchas Tacos: Medio Hard Shell Tacos (95php).
We were ready to wait for a while for our food but we were mistaken, our food was already served to us in just a couple of minutes. And we were surprised with the size of their servings. They also serve 3 types of sauces: white sauce (which we think is sour cream), Guacamole sauce (the green one), Spicy sauce ( I think it is still Guacamole, only spicier).
Beef Nachos, they are good for sharing and has an overwhelming amount of salsa and nachos. The nachos alone taste really good and you can dip them in the sauces. We really liked the white sauce; we always asked for a refill and it's good to know that there's no extra charge for it.
Beef Quesadillas, we were expecting to see the usual size of quesadillas; the small round one with fillings only at the center of the pita. But noooooo, the pita is just thin enough to hold the filling that's oozing out of the quesadilla. They also serve good fries with the quesadilla. So that's 2 medium(?)-sized quesadillas and a fair amount of fries for only 160php!
Medio Hard Shell Tacos, so you have the freedom to choose at least 2 types of meat for 2 tacos; this was beef and pork. And this is a good buy because you'll feel full for only 95php.
What I like about their food is they are very generous with the servings of meat; they are served in small chunks. I'm not sure if I have mentioned everything here because I am still happily overwhelmed with the food we ate. Thank you, Silantro!
 November 11 2015, 03:16:37
Penny For Your Gelato?
Food  3
Ambiance  4
Service  4
Price  4
So I (finally) had the chance to taste the famous Gelato; so I was suggested to try Iced Coffee with Vanilla custard. This costs 130php- regular size. I had high expectations from this "cream ice" and it wasn't what I was expecting, I couldn't really point out the difference of the Vanilla custard from the usual Vanilla ice cream (or is it really not that easy to distinguish?).
For me, I wouldn't spend so much money on Gelato and would only have it occassionally. If you think I'm wrong, suggest other flavors that I should try the next time I visit Rita's ;)
 November 10 2015, 08:59:18
Never Go Wrong With Bacon
Food  4
Ambiance  4
Service  4
Price  4
They're famous for their BACON and Nachos Supreme. They have a promo that will end this Saturday, November 14. For 185php, eat all the Bacon you can. Make sure that you have a clean plate before they give you another plate, which consists of a hefty amount of BACON and a small cup of rice.
The place is also quiet because not a lot of people go there; it's quiet difficult to go there without a car but it is walking distance from Philand.
Their House blend Iced Tea is for 60php but served in a tall glass, so I guess it's not that expensive and the taste it great, too. Nachos Supreme costs 185php, good for two. Me and my niece were not able to finish ours because we were already full with bacon. And you can have the salsa separated you're not a fan of it.
The prices are reasonable and their service is great and accommodating.
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