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Your Local
Asian Restaurants   Legazpi Village, Makati
     A new take on familiar flavors. That’s the rationale behind the unassuming name that bears the right confidence to stand out. Your Local is able to draw foodies with its Asian Fusion cuisine that makes their customers come back for more. Chili Crab Buns is a must-try, a quick bite to get prior to the entrée or for those looking for a light meal that still packs a tingling sensation in the palate. Next time you find yourself in Legazpi Village, be sure to dine at Your Local, the hip neighborhood restaurant that’ll satisfy you with their interesting and tasty gastronomical creations.

  Restaurant Menu

Beef Rendang Buns ₱290
Tofu Steak and Eggs ₱370
Torched Salmon Donburi ₱540
Chicken Rice ₱345
Black Rice with Roasted Corn and Shiitake Mushroom ₱100
Ginger Rice ₱100
Choice of Extra Bread ₱50
Side Salad ₱130
Egg ₱50
Cereal Milk Ice Cream ₱280
Lamb Rendang ₱530
Laksa Fettuccini ₱410
Chili Crab Buns ₱290
Pomelo Salad ₱295
Feel Good Chicken ₱310
Shan Dong Chicken ₱170
Parmesan Fries with Truffled Ketchup ₱120
Mock Mentaiko Fries ₱210
Steak Fried Rice ₱740
Chorizo Sandwich ₱490
Braised Beef Pasta ₱430
Chocolate Earl Grey Pudding and Lime Mousse ₱260
Ca'secco Frizzante ₱2150
Camas Cabernet Sauvignon (Glass) ₱235
Lamadoro (Bottle) ₱1110
Lamadoro (Glass) ₱210
Poggio del Sol Negroamaro (Bottle) ₱1110
Poggio del Sol Negroamaro (Glass) ₱205
Ortonese Sangiovese Merlot (Bottle) ₱800
Ortonese Sangiovese Merlot (Glass) ₱140
Brunori Le Gemme ₱1880
Mittnacht Pinot Blanc & Auxerrois ₱1800
Crane Lake Pinot Grigio (Bottle) ₱1200
Camas Cabernet Sauvignon (Bottle) ₱1260
Esser Merlot (Glass) ₱350
Don Luciano Charmat Moscato (Bottle) ₱1460
Don Luciano Charmat Moscato (Glass) ₱270
Bergerac: Clos des Verdots ₱1825
Bordeaux: Chateau Tire Pe Diem ₱1620
Don David ₱1610
Les Bastions Saint Mont (Bottle) ₱1435
Les Bastions Saint Mont (Glass) ₱260
Louis Cheze Syrah (Bottle) ₱1890
Louis Cheze Syrah (Glass) ₱350
Esser Merlot (Bottle) ₱2100
Crane Lake Pinot Grigio (Glass) ₱210
Camas Sauvignon Blanc (Bottle) ₱1260
Camas Sauvignon Blanc (Glass) ₱235
Run Like Kla ₱390
Poor Man ₱390
Tai Mai Shu ₱390
Switcha ₱390
Tinker ₱390
Sprite ₱90
Coke Zero ₱90
Coke ₱90
Arnie Palmer ₱170
Strawberry Lemonade ₱190
Beefsteak ₱390
18K ₱390
Poggio del Sol (Bottle) ₱1110
Poggio del Sol (Glass) ₱205
Solea Cataina Cellaro (Bottle) ₱900
Solea Cataina Cellaro (Glass) ₱160
Asahi ₱140
Blue Moon ₱280
Paulaner Hefe-Weisbier ₱220
Stella Artois ₱190
Winter ₱390
Local Hong ₱390
Sea Salt Lemonade ₱160
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